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4 Jul 2017

Running Out Of Ideas For Things To Do With The Kids? How About Homemade Candy?


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Posted By Earl W.

When school holidays come around the kids are delighted. But sometimes mom isn't so delighted. What are you going to do to keep the kids entertained these holidays? How about making some wonderful homemade candies these holidays?

Everyone loves homemade candy, (well any candy really, homemade candy is just the best). Kids especially just love homemade candy, especially if they have made it themselves. Homemade candy isn't that hard to make if you start with one of the easier homemade candy recipes, and the kids just love getting into the kitchen and doing it themselves, then eating the results.

Just last night I was watching the looks on the faces of my kids as they licked out the bowl, and it was hard for them to wait until the candy was ready to eat before they raided the box.

And it's important in my view to get kids started learning to cook. It's never too early to teach kids the delights, and skills, of great homemade food, including homemade candy. In fact candy is the perfect place to start kids learning to make homemade food.

Unfortunately homemade food seems to be less of the norm than it used to be, I believe they are even making houses without kitchens now. But to me a good family time revolves around making, and eating, homemade food. And homemade candy is one of the best types of homemade food to begin with.

Remember a few things though. Allow plenty of time, because cooking with kids always takes longer, and rushing it spoils the fun. And always expect mess, so don't worry about it. Kids cannot cook without mess, so expect to have to clean up after cooking.

And one rule that I always follow. Once you've found a great homemade candy recipe ALWAYS double the recipe. There's never enough to go round if you just cook the recipe, because everyone wants more.

And as well as feeding the family, homemade candy makes a great gift. Why not get the kids making candy for grandma, the kids will love it and grandma will love her candy from the grandkids.

So if you've got kids, and you're looking for good ideas for things to do in the school holidays, get them making some homemade candy. It starts them off learning a skill they'll use all their life, the skill of cooking.

So find some simple homemade candy recipes, get the kids into the kitchen, and get started. Just don't eat the candy all in one go, as we did last night.


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